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This year, many athletes have discovered the benefits of massage guns. These recovery devices were once a secret of sports massage and stress relief, kept under wraps by professional athletes and physical therapists. Today, these tools are being adopted by everyone from casual runners to casual weightlifters.

So we set ourselves the task of testing and examining as many as possible. We are very proud to present you this test and review of the massage gun.

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Massage gun session after sport
Test and review massage gun


What is a massage gun?

Like so many other things, the history of the massage gun began in the United States, which has already become an integral part of every naturopath or fitness athlete there.

Basically, the massage gun is an electric massage device, which mainly works with rechargeable batteries to achieve a high degree of flexibility. As a rule, it works in quick and powerful jerks to act on the body with a deep massage. Thanks to the strong, direct and above all selective pressure, deep muscle tensions and tissue problems can be easily and conveniently resolved.

The massage gun is very advantageous, especially for sportsmen, because the regeneration time after training is considerably reduced. According to various experiences with massage guns, it not only relaxes the muscles, but also promotes blood circulation, e.g. compared to deep tissue massage or trigger point therapy.

In addition to its excellent mobility, the massage gun is also characterized by one-handed operation. Last but not least, this is due to its convenient form, which makes it easy to use on its own to resolve muscle imbalances and muscle tension in the body. The massage gun is also increasingly used in the field of chiropractic and alternative practitioners, as well as in physiotherapy, as it can be used selectively and is not only suitable for large areas.


Who should use a massage gun?

Who the massage gun is suitable for

In our comparison of massage guns, we have already mentioned several times that the massager can be used individually. But what is this flexibility and what is special about the massage gun? We would like to answer these questions in detail below.

Back pain

The result of heavy and often physically demanding work or a largely sedentary activity is uncomfortable muscle tension and back pain. Misalignments and incorrect loads often cause painful chain reactions in the body, which can limit freedom of movement in the long term. In addition to various sports exercises, the massage gun is also perfect for loosening knots and tension, as it penetrates deep into the muscle tissue.

Competitive athletes and sportsmen

It is especially important for competitive athletes to have their muscles ready to be used at all times and to be available on call. At the same time, it is important that the regeneration time is reduced so that the muscles can be accessed more quickly. As a rule, athletes use different ways to stay in shape. This includes not only a healthy diet and adequate sleep, but also saunas, meditation and ice baths. According to various tests of massage guns, this massager is an optimal aid for relieving sore musclesand reducing signs of muscle fatigue. In addition, the massage gun is flexible and, above all, can be used selectively, which is particularly advantageous for athletes.

Physiotherapist and Chiropractor

Previously unthinkable, the massage gun is now very beneficial in the treatment area. One reason for this is that selective use is possible. Often, the muscle is first released by the massage gun, and then another treatment is performed.


What is the function of a massage gun?

Accessories Massage Guns

According to various reports, the massage gun is a real all-rounder when it comes to the targeted treatment of different muscle areas. In addition, various accessories can be attached to the gun to work on certain areas of the body.

For example, while a forked head attachment is used to treat the spine and neck, the round head attachment is suitable for particularly large muscles. A tapered head is usually used in the head and heel area of the feet and in the wrist area. Depending on the test, pain is relieved or blocked muscles or tension is released. In addition, the massage gun is a great help for sore muscles to speed up muscle regeneration.

Most massage guns operate at different speeds, which can be individually adjusted. The “beats per minute” are found in the percussion value per minute, which indicates the speed at which the unit operates each revolution. The piston of the device beats up and down, so that, depending on the set speed, up to 3,200 strokes can be achieved. The fast vibrations reduce tension, relax muscles, improve mobility and promote metabolism.

But sometimes, too much of a good thing is not. Massage guns are not devices that should be used for a long time in a row. According to health experts, a maximum of 2 minutes in one place is enough to avoid over-irritation and inflammation of the skin, which inevitably occur.

Test and review massage gun


What is the difference between a massage gun and a vibrating massager?

The main difference between the two devices is that the massage gun penetrates deep into the muscle tissue through pulsating and point pressure and helps the muscles relax. The muscle is shaken and stirred vigorously to prepare it for physical effort or to loosen scar tissue, for example. At the same time, the muscle is well supplied with blood, which allows it to move more actively.

With a conventional vibration device, things look a little different again, as this usually only provides superficial relaxation. The pressure exerted here is relatively low, so that only a pleasant, light massage can be performed with this device.


What should I consider when buying a massage gun?

The massage gun is a take-away device and therefore cannot be used only at home. It is of course important that you have the right equipment for the massage heads so that tense or painful muscles can really be worked in a targeted way. What it’s all about Buy a massage gun finally arrives, we’d like to explain it to you below :

Loading time

As a mobile device, the massage gun can be used immediately after sport, during breaks at work or with friends at a wellness party. Since there may not be an electrical connection everywhere, the battery must have enough charge capacity to be ready for use for hours. The battery charging time is usually two to three hours.


The massager, including accessories, should not be too heavy to allow reasonable handling. The average weight is about 1.2 kilograms. This makes the massager light enough for the elderly without causing signs of fatigue in the arms. It is also important for massage guns to look at the handle, as it should be as non-slip as possible and fit well in the hand. We recommend the purfoot.com massage gun, it is one of the lightest on the market today and has two built-in batteries for a real autonomy of 3-4 hours. It also has the advantage of being very compact.


The massage guns are ideal for a wellness evening with friends. This is very useful if your back area is hurting. This is the only part of the body that is not good to massage alone and where friends can easily help each other. In order not to disturb other visitors or family members in the application, the gun must operate silently. 45 decibels is a good value for enjoying a calm and relaxed massage.


It is necessary to foresee between 90 and 130€ for an effective massage gun with a good battery life. The gun we tested is currently on sale at 50% off : Click here

Complete massage gun kit

OPINION: The advantages of the massage gun

  • Handling only possible

  • Increased well-being

  • Individually applicable

  • Better mobility

  • Rapid regeneration of sore muscles

OPINION: The – of the massage gun

  • Regular charging of the battery (approximately every 5-6 sessions)

Notice massage gun


Summary Relaxing the body, regenerating muscles or relieving pain, the massage gun is a real all-rounder. As it is a portable device that usually comes in a specially designed carrying case, it can also be used outside the home without any problems. In general, it is easy to use and easy to operate without much effort. It is important that the batteries are recharged regularly so that the massage gun can be used at any time.

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