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Today we propose you to discover a small local pearl! When you are told restaurant j aponais for sure you think of delicious Sushi isn’t it ? If so, you’ll discover something else with Yatta Ramen. Close your eyes… Let’s go for a gustatory stroll through the new generation of the fast food in Annecy .

1. But whatis a ramen?

The concept

The Ramen is a Japanese dish made of noodles in a broth seasoned with miso or soy sauce accompanied by fish or meat. Even though this dish was imported from China at the beginning of the 20th th century century, its flavour is quite distinct from what you might find in a Chinese restaurant traditional. Far from Juke Food, we are not talking about shrimps in oil, but rather fresh food, healthy and balanced. This is what you will find in your plate…

On the menu

You can choose from 7 R amens consisting of salmon, prawns, chicken, beef or pork in marinade, each accompanied by different seasonal vegetables. Don’t be fooled, each dish delivers a very different flavour to the other.es of others. Just cooked and tasty vegetables, subtly seasoned according to the theme of your dish.

You can add your own personal touch with a list of additional ingredients, not to mention the Ramen Kaizen, an ephemeral proposal from the chef every month. What if I don’t like noodles? you will tell me: so we present you the Cnburi. Rice-basedthis preparation will also allow you to discover all the possible variations of the Japanese healthy cuisine .

The last little marvel proposed by Yatta Ramen, is theOnigiri. This small Japanese gourmet sandwich consists of a rice ball wrapped in Nori seaweed in which salmon, chicken or vegetables are served as a snack.

Lhe choice of dessertsis not left to chance either in this Japanese restaurant either matcha tea puffs from Japan, mochi and even the traditional Pana Cotta has been revisited with Yuzu lemon.

2. But where does this Yatta Ramen come from?

The first restaurant was opened in 2016 in Annecy-le-Vieux. Quickly crowned with success, the 3 founders decided to open a second one in the Vovray area in Seynod. In the pipeline, 2 new openings are planned in Annemasse and Chambéry. The good news if you are not lucky enough to be a Haut-Savoyard and moreover to live in the beautiful city of Annecy ?There is talk in the corridors of creating a franchise…

This choice of not locating in the city centre is not necessarily relevant at first glance. But when you think about it, maybe it is! Indeed, the loyal clientele of this establishment is composed at lunchtime of people working in the area who take advantage of the extremely efficient takeaway service (there was a queue right up to the pavement when we visited, it disappeared in the space of 10 minutes, unbelievable!) and in the evening, the fairly large residential areas in the vicinity go there easily or take advantage of the Uber Eat/Delivero service. The winning mix is proof that their choice was judicious in view of their more than successful development.

3. Our culinary experience

The atmosphere

Not only the dishes are Japanese inspired. The style is very clean, minimalist and the decoration is very light. The furniture is made of light wood, barely varnished, the walls are white. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not for that reason that the atmosphere is not warm, on the contrary it’s very relaxing and with just the right amount of lighting. In short, you’d think you were there.

We ate there during the lunch break during the week. We arrived early (just before noon) and had no trouble finding a seat. However, 5 minutes later, the room was full and the other customers were sitting outside (we were in mid-October…)

Reception and service

We were welcomed with a smile by a friendly waitress who took all the time necessary to explain the concept, detailing each dish and the possible variations. She then offers us a homemade ginger and yuzu lemon drink which, like the rest of the menu, is healthy and comforting. For the amateurs, you will find a small selection of Japanese beers.

We were served quickly, no more than 10 minutes, despite the fact that people were already arriving to pick up their orders. She even came by to make sure we had everything we needed on two occasions, it was lovely.

Let’s talk about the note now, we hadn’t discussed that. Well, we were pleasantly surprised too! For 1 house drink, 1 miso soup, 1 ramen and 1 coffee, we paid 20€. It’s cheaper than an upgraded menu at the fast food restaurant with a capital M!

4. Conclusion

You will have understood, Yatta Ramen we liked, we will return and we recommend. It’s good, it’s well made, it’s original, it’s healthy and nourishing and moreover cheap given the quality offered. We did not leave with hunger in our bellies, far from it. And when the setting, the staff and the service are good, we say so! We can only encourage you to visit their website and social networks to discover their new products and especially to test it by yourself.

Opinion: The YATTA RAMEN advantages

  • An affordable price
  • Speed
  • Healthy and balanced diet
  • On the spot or to go

Reviews: The – yatta ramen

  • Reception room too small for on-site catering
  • No reservation possible for meals on site

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