Plush toys, the new trend for 2020


Our order has arrived! Unlike cuddly toys and teddy bears, plush toys are the new trend in 2020. There is no age to have a small or big plush at home. The “kawaii” fashion is settling in France and we are going to present you some must-have objects that we have tested!

A little history

But what does “Kawaii” mean exactly? In Japan you can’t escape this fashion. Literally it means “that which is cute”. In France, the trend is slowly taking hold, but in Japan it is a real culture.

What’s cute is attractive, that goes without saying, so if you’re walking around Japan you’ll always run into people with the latest accessories.

It’s not just stuffed animals, clothes, jewelry, phones, cooking, everything.

An attitude can also be described as “kawaii”. You just have to be positive, smiling and pleasant (nothing more!). Enough of Let’s get down to business. Let’s take a closer look at our TOP 4 cute stuffed animals to have.

Our top 4

  • The octopus plush

We literally fall for this reversible octopus plush. Indeed, on the one hand she is happy and on the other she is not happy. Available in several colours.

Valentine has his favorite: the orange octopus (not happy but shh!!!).

It is easy to clean, so no worries with children. It is filled with high quality PP cotton. It’s a perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas!

happy pink octopus on the left and not happy octopus on the right

Available on Amazon 6.60 €.

  • The avocado plush

Avocado lovers will love this plush! Available in several sizes, they will brighten up your bed. Marie Diane likes the realistic side of the plush and you can even have a complete collection. Its stuffing is great, you can even use it as a pillow because it is so comfortable and soft. You don’t need special occasions to get them. So what are you waiting for!!!

3 plush lawyers one large one medium and one small

Available on the website for 13.20 € and on other websites

  • The giant teddy bear

Who doesn’t dream of having a life-size teddy bear in their room? It takes up space but it looks so good. Especially if you have children, this gift will make them very happy. We have found the perfect bear for you because it is neither too big nor too small.

He is 5’9″ tall. Pure happiness and love with the Nicotoy bear. Its simple color and very faithful to the real bears make it a nice companion.

Big plush bear

Available at Nicotoy for 135 €.

  • Cute plushies with big eyes

With these big eyes we are easily touched by the softness of this look. It’s simple, no one can resist it. There are different animals with little names to find them. This one is called Savannah. Valentine’s favorite! Marie Diane prefers the “Rabbit” plush.

There are no less than 60 TY plushies! You can make a nice collection of these plushies.

pink glitter unicorn

Findable on several websites including Amazon and also in store by typing “TY” plush

We took great pleasure in telling you about our favorite stuffed animals that we were able to test in preview. For us, the world of plush toys is accessible to all and allows us to combine comfort and interior fashion for both adults and children.

Overall, we were very pleased with our order. But we especially like the TY plush. It has perfectly the Kawaii spirit and for us it’s the one who knew how to draw its pin.That’s why don’t hesitate to comment below this post to give us your favorites, because the next article will be a contest!

And yes you have of course a contest to make you win the plush that will have obtained the most votes and of course the winner drawn at random (the game will be open in France, Belgium, Luxembourg).

So here’s to your thumbs and see you soon for new tests.


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