Beginner in 2 wheels ? The best 125cc bikes.


We have tested the best 125cc bikes for beginners !

After our car test on the Mercedes A35AMG, I propose you today an article on the best 125cc motorcycles for beginners.

The 125cc motorcycle market has been constantly growing for a few years, so the manufacturers’ offer has evolved in this direction with an offer that will make today, the happiness of all 2 wheels enthusiasts! Great handling and fuel economy are their main assets, but what about the rest?

Here is a small selection of our favourites, the best 125cc bikes for beginners according to several criteria such as style, ride and price.

1. Honda CB125R

Honda’s little machine, which arrived in 2018, has somewhat changed the codes of 125 motorcycles, alongside the KTM Duke and Yamaha MT125, which we will talk about below. Its Neo Sport Café look is based on the look of its big sister CB300R, and we like it, it’s a great bike! Its smooth and snappy 13.3hp engine, its chassis and safe braking as well as its very low weight of 126kg will make it a very good ally for your daily trips. It also has full digital instrumentation and LED lighting. It’s not the best deal in our ranking, 4649€, but it benefits from the 5 years Honda warranty, a sure value!

Site honda

2. Yamaha MT-125

The newly redesigned 2020 MT-125 is a real kick in the 125 segment. Its aggressive and racy styling gives it a very modern and rewarding look for a small machine. Its full led lighting and its latest generation instrumentation will please technology lovers. Its engine is the most modern with its variable intake with 4 valves, it develops 15hp for a little more than 12nm and ensures a first class performance, the whole on a chassis, certainly firm but reassuring. Only a few finishing details could be a little rough for a machine that costs 4999€ without options.

Yamaha website

3. KTM DUKE 125

The wasp-faced Austrian is a must-have, a real monster on 2 wheels like the rest of the range, it is the one that blew a new wind into the category in 2011. Like its direct competitors, the CB125R and MT-125, it proudly displays its plastic and a technology that was still inconceivable less than a decade ago on the 125. It’s for thrill seekers (yes, we’re talking about a 125). Its 15hp and 12nm engine is one of the most powerful 125cc 4-stroke engines on the market.

It has the most complete meter of the 125 with a TFT screen with customizable display and many settings. It’s a little softer in its damping than its competitors, making it a little more comfortable, but a little less rigorous on the road. Its price? 4849 €

KTM website



This Brixton BX 125 is aimed at motorcycle fans with a vintage look but who like the comfort of modern bikes. Let me explain, behind this typically English dress hides a full led lighting, a digital meter with a retro style and a CBS combined braking. The whole thing is powered by an 11.1hp single cylinder engine with state of the art technology. This “bike” is perfectly suited for riding on national roads or even on steep paths thanks to its studded tires or its adapted suspension. Finally, it is available in many variants (color, fairing…) and has a catalog of accessories of first choice. Something for everyone, at a very reasonable price of €2499 for the entry level!

Brixton site



Inspired by the current vintage trend, the Hero is a cross between a scrambler and an off-road bike. Its high ground clearance, short wheelbase and stripped-down styling make it a real weapon for tackling city traffic or even some trails, but it won’t suit the smallest among us (the seat is perched at 86 cm). Its agility and its small 11.5hp mono make it fun to drive but always safe, especially thanks to its combined braking. It’s easy to handle, well equipped and its fine finishing details make it a very nice bike at the friendly price of 2999€.

Bullit website


The advantages


  • Style
  • Versatility
  • Ride and handling

Yamaha MT125

  • Motor behaviour
  • Balance
  • Instrumentation

KTM Duke 125

  • Manufacturing / finishing
  • Agility
  • Ergonomics of the controls

Brixton BX 125

  • Price
  • Easy to use
  • USB socket


  • Look
  • Braking
  • Enduro


Honda CB125R

  • No USB plug
  • No passenger handle
  • Quite high price

Yamaha MT125

  • Comfort
  • High price
  • No USB plug

KTM Duke 125

  • Motor linearity
  • Integration of instrumentation

Brixton BX 125

  • Hard gearbox
  • Duo
  • Engine vibration at high rpm

Bullit Hero 125

  • Saddle height
  • Engine extension

The magazine


Summary We hope that this article will be useful to you to choose your 125cc and live maybe your first experience in 2 wheels! It is above all a matter of taste.

Honda CB125R
Yamaha MT125
KTM Duke 125
Brixton BX 125
Bullit Hero 125

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