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We see them emerging everywhere on the net, their ads invade our social networks, sponsor the content of our favorite YouTuber, online banks are now established in our daily lives but many of us are still hesitant to take the step to this virtual banker.
The N26 bank is one of the leaders on this virtual market, offering a simple offer, a quick registration and a number of advantages compared to our usual banks…
Strong arguments for a service that reflects our current use of the web: simplicity, speed, efficiency.

Enough arguments to convince me, and maybe make you take the plunge. Let’s go for the test!



N26 is a mobile bank created in 2013, in January 2020, 7 years later it exceeded 5 million users worldwide, for 26 countries and more than a million in France alone.
Its offices are located in Berlin but N26 has no counter like a traditional bank, everything happens on its screen and our banker is none other than … that we.
The concept is to have a bank offering the classic services of any other bank but in a 100% mobile way accessible everywhere, easily.

Despite the fact that it does not have a physical branch, N26 has banked on a customer service available by email or by chat in 5 different languages (French, English, Italian, German, Spanish).

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Although 100% mobile, N26 is above all a bank, a bank available only through its application or on the web, but a bank that allows you to quickly manage your bank account and the card linked to it in a few clicks.

N26 guarantees a use without paperwork or hidden fees that scare us so much when using a bank.
Opening an account only takes a few minutes, the N26 Standard formula is free and allows you to access a bank card without any fees.

The bank also offers two other packages, N26 You and N26 metal which are not necessary for common use but become very interesting for travelers for example.


This was the most interesting argument for me, a bank where I have an instant view on my budget, my expenses and my savings.
Every movement on the account is immediately notified to us on our smartphone and the balance is directly updated.
To have a real time control on your budget is in my opinion the easiest way to manage it correctly.


How to better manage your expenses? In addition to real-time tracking, N26 automatically categorizes your expenses to provide you with clear statistics and quickly identify the different items.
This is very useful to check if our budget is kept at the end of the month. Discover also the sub-accounts, called “Space” on the application. Want to start saving for future projects? With your N26 account, you can open sub-accounts to save at your own pace. Customize the name of your sub-account, set a goal and start moving money in an instant.


The n26 premium accounts make sense when travelling.
In addition to being able to manage your account from anywhere in the world, premium accounts provide a number of advantages but especially a whole bunch of insurance to cover you wherever you are.
It includes medical, dental and sports coverage.
But also compensation in case of flight delay or lost luggage.
There is even coverage in case of damage to a rental vehicle, and even more extreme, in case of total trip cancellation.
The N26 metal card even insures your smartphone up to 1000 euros.



The N26 bank in brief …

In just a few years, the neo-bank N26 has managed to establish itself among its mobile competitors by proposing an ultra-simplified and accessible offer.
I focused this test on the free version that I use daily for my payments but both paid versions ( N26 You and N26 metal ) are full of advantages for travelers.
You try it out out of curiosity, then little by little you transfer your first euros to this new account to make your payments, and a few months later you have your salary transferred directly to it.
It was a promise made by a YouTuber, I didn’t believe it, I tried it and here I am a few months later, praising it to my friends and now to you.


Reviews: N26 bank advantages

  • Quick & easy registration (a few minutes)
  • First free card
  • Mobile Management
  • Mobile payment compatible
  • Responsive customer service

Reviews: The – N26 bank

  • Inability to cash cheques or cash

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