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A natural brand and a feminine cosmetic

Hello Body is a German brand created by Monique Hoell in 2017.

Monique quickly became aware of the influence of the unattainable beauty standards promoted by the cosmetics industry and its negative impact on young girls.

She was inspired to revolutionize the beauty industry by offering a natural cosmetics brand with a positive impact on all women.

We can speak of feminine cosmetics.

The origin of Hellobody

At the origin of Hellobody there is a small German team that manufactures its products in Berlin .

The brand advocates a rather natural composition, but let’s be clear: they are not certified organic .

HelloBody shows that cosmetics can be natural and feminine at the same time.

Hello Body Women

Discover the different ranges

It There are three types of skin : normal, dry and combination to oily . Each one has its own needs, so it is important to adapt your routine to its characteristics. But then, how do you do that when you don’t know what type of skin you have?

HelloBody gives you the keys to make the right choice between our COCO Detox & Soin line, dedicated to normal to dry skin our ROSE Pure-Balance line, dedicated to combination to oily skin and blemished skin, our ALOE Hydra-Glow line, which meets the needs of for normal to dehydrated skin and our CARA Protection & Force line, developed for sensitive skins.

Hello Body ranges

A special range, the first created

The Coco range is the first created by the brand. This range is a nourishing range.

The flagship products are : COCO CREAM, it is a body butter, the COCO FRESH, it is a make-up remover foam and the COCO DAY, it is a day cream.



Coco Cream Hello Body

The sweetness for a wonderfully soft skin!

  • A creamy and nourishing body butter that restores the radiance of dry skin!
  • Made with shea butter, with moisturizing and softening properties!
  • Contains cocoa butter, which nourishes and helps repair!
  • Contains cupuaçu butter, which supports the skin’s regeneration process and moisturizes it!
  • Sweet smell of coconut yogurt!

Not tested on animals
Free of Mineral Oils – Parabens – Microplastic

Content: 195 ml


Coco Fresh Hello Body

The cloud of foam your skin needs

  • A creamy cleansing foam that gently removes impurities, excess sebum and make-up on a daily basis!
  • Made with gentle natural cleansing agents such as coco-glucoside and sodium cocoyl glutamate!
  • Also contains glycerin and urea, which keep the skin hydrated!
  • Fresh coconut scent. A real pleasure to apply!

95% natural formula
Vegan – Not tested on animals
PEG – Silicone – Paraben – Microplastic free

Content: 100 ml


Coco Day Hello Body

Your ally for a perfectly hydrated face

  • Day cream for smooth, soft and deeply moisturized skin!
  • Protects the skin barrier from external aggressions!
  • Made with sweet almond oil and coconut oil!
  • Contains peat moss extract, with anti-bacterial properties that prevent pimples!
  • Delicious coconut scent, to start the day gently!

99.3% natural formula
Vegan – Not tested on animals
PEG – Silicone – Paraben – Microplastic free

Content: 50 ml

The opinions of our customers, customers of this feminine cosmetic

I tested the COCO CREAM. She’s great! The pot is huge and lasts a long time. I’m delighted with my purchase!

Thank you HelloBody!


FRESH foam is a great product! I love using it on a daily basis, it feels great to apply and smells wonderful. I highly recommend it!


Very good day cream, with a very pleasant texture and smell, penetrates quickly and leaves the skin soft and not greasy.
Good value for money as you only need a small amount of product for each use.
I am very satisfied with it!


Find the different ranges of the brand on the website

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